Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is available to all people and can be reimbursable by health insurance. Depending on if you are accessing community mental health or private practice, the fees will vary. Please check out the fee page for more information.

Yes, therapists in all jurisdictions have ethical codes and privacy laws that help protect client information and ensure their privacy. There are some limitations to privacy of information which your counsellor will discuss with you at the beginning of your counselling relationship, this is part of the process of informed consent. With the availability of on-line therapy and technology as a means of communication, we have added some additional privacy policies to our service to serve you and better protect your privacy.

We specialize in working with teens (11-19), but that doesn’t mean we work solely with teens. We offer parent/caregiver sessions, family-based sessions, and we even love working with young adults who are transitioning from high school to the next leg of their journey.

That happens. Your teen may or may not be familiar with what working a psychologist means. They may be hesitant or worried about meeting with someone they don’t know to talk about their personal business. That is completely normal. Click here to read on how to handle common objections from your teen

Finding the right therapist for you and your teen is super important. We offer a free 20 minute consult to help us better understand the situation, what you are looking for, and to answer any questions you might have about the process or way we practice.