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What if you could feel confident and live the life you want? Whether it’s talking to new people, trying out that new thing, or feeling really good in your skin- This is all possible with The Happiness Pill Program!

You might see the life you want in the far distance covered by layers of anger, stress, and anxiety. These feelings keep you prisoner to spiraling negative thoughts and lofty pressures to be some version of perfect. You might have found ways to numb out or push away the painful thoughts and feelings, but the trade off is often short lived relief for longer term consequences.

Your parents might find themselves walking on eggshells, unsure of how to best support you and not wanting to make the situation worse. They know in their heart that taking a pill isn’t a lasting solution for their daughter.

What if the happiness pill was something already inside of you? Something you could learn to activate to get beyond the anxiety and overwhelm.

Knowing how to do this will help you feel motivated again! It will simmer the stress, so you can step into confidently living the life you want. So you can do the things you want to do!

The Happiness Pill Program is a 6-month life changing program that gets you from a place of stress and anxiety to a place of contentment, motivation, and confidence.

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The Happiness Pill Program
The Happiness Pill Program

How Does It Work?

– Pre-Game: You and your parent(s) start by completing The Happiness Pill questionnaires so I can learn more about you, the struggles, and each of your strengths.

– Ready-Up Day ($690 Value): A 3-hour 1:1 session with me to kick-off the program and dial into the stuff that really matters to you.

Part one is dedicated to bridging communication and understanding between you and your parent(s).

Part two is for you and I to do a deep dive and roadmap your 6-month journey. We come up with an individualized plan to help you shift beyond stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and into confidence, motivation, and self-love. You get to decide if you want a creative component or walk and talk for part of the session. We can meet in person if you are in Calgary and would like to. If you aren’t, creative art and walk and talk can both be done virtually.

– Parent Assessment Call: This is a check-in call that I have with your parent(s) to share my observations and evaluation as well as the roadmap for your transformation.

– 1:1 calls: Throughout the 6-months, you can schedule two 1:1 calls with just you and me. We can check-in, see where things are at and make any adjustments that will help you really get to where you want to be.

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What Else Is Included?

– Level-up Sessions (for teens): Each week, you get a video call with me and some of the other teens who are part of the program. Calls are dedicated to creating a safe space to listen to issues that come up. In the Level-Up Sessions, any topic goes – e.g. school, relationships, online stuff, friendships, family conflict, stress, etc. It is a space to connect with others and learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. You are not alone- we are in this together!

-Parent Drop-in Hours: Each week, parents have access to virtual office hours with me. If you’re a parent and have a question about something going on or a general question about parenting, this is a confidential place to ask. It’s also about having a community that gets the ups and downs of parenting teens.

What if you don’t have a question? These calls are group format so you can always show up and take away ideas and information from the other questions being asked. Parent calls will be recorded so you can go back and hear any information as needed.

– Stress Busting Bootcamp (SBB) ($300 Value): You will get access to the SBB to kick off the program. Learn how to handle daily stress with 28-daily short audio clips texted straight to your phone. These are full of ideas, strategies, and information on how to manage stress. Parents get access to 4 webinars that cover more about the physiology of stress, supporting teens with stress, maintenance and more.

– Self-Image Mini-Course ($200 Value): What you tell yourself and how you see yourself matters. This interactive mini course will get you thinking about your thinking and dial in on how to get your self-image to work for you and not against you. You get access to this mini course and can check it out anytime!

– Beyond the 6 Month Program: Once the program reaches the 6-month mark, you can roll over into a month to month with level-up sessions and parent drop-in hours as long as you need.

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The Happiness Pill Program at Pyramid Psychology


“The Happiness Pill Program has given our daughter the confidence and strength to standup for herself in tough situations. She was always afraid to express her feelings. Now when something is bothering her she opens up to us, her teachers, and even her peers. This program is teaching her the skills and providing the tools to ensure she grows up to be the happy, confident and strong young lady that we know she can be. She looks forward every week to joining the chat with Chantal. Thank you Chantal we’re so glad to have found The Happiness Pill Program!” – Maria & Eric


Groups can seem intimidating at first, especially if you don’t really know anyone. I have been  a participant in many different types of groups and I have lead grief groups, social skills groups, and community groups with teens over the years and I can say when done properly- groups rock! There is something amazing about knowing you are not alone in your thoughts/feelings/experiences. And it can feel really connecting to see that someone else gets you and what you’re going through and we could all use a little more of that connected feeling these days. Groups can offer “more heads are better than one” approach, where you hear how others might be handling situations and it can give you fresh ideas. Something you share or say could be super valuable to someone else, and of course no pressure to show up with profound words of wisdom, just be yourself and you never know how helpful that can be. If there is something specifically going on in the group calls that you are struggling with, share that in the group call or reach out to me privately and we can address it right away.

Most of the teens I work with have many different things going on. Some of them have a high focus on academics, play competitive sports or music or something in the arts, some have a job, or help out a lot at home, or volunteer in the community, etc. On top of all that, they want to hang out with their friends, have chores to complete, family time and so on. I get it- life is busy! And it can get overwhelming to think of adding yet another thing to your week. The Happiness Pill is meant to be an investment in you. It is way to step back from the stress and overwhelm, and give yourself that hour to focus on you and making your life truly the best. You can make the most of that time by being kind to yourself, showing up, being authentic (the real you), and sharing about things that matter to you. You can ask questions about things that are relevant to you that week. If you feel unsure of what to talk about or what you want to ask about, you might find that what others are sharing about has a connection to your own life somehow. And if not, there’s always the take what fits and leave the rest philosophy.

Yes- online is not ideal for everyone. You might have had experiences where you felt so zoned out and bored when you were in online calls. In the Happiness Pill calls, it is my personal mission to make the calls safe, keep them relevant and helpful, with some laughter and lightness. Your voice matters and you are always welcome to contribute your thoughts and ideas on how to make it better- I’m listening. Some tips to stay engaged for the call 1. Bring a notebook to write things down, 2. Turn off your notifications or leave your cell phone aside for that hour, 3. Think about the topic you might want to share about, 4. Keep your camera on (if possible), 5. Ask questions, 6. Remind yourself that this your hour and you get to choose to make the most of it.

The calls will not be recorded for the Up-Level teen sessions. We will also talk about how to respectfully maintain everyone’s privacy of information throughout the group calls. A rule of thumb is to not share anything or post anything about what others are saying in group. You can try and imagine what it might be like if someone posted what you shared in group on a social media platform and if there is any ick about it- that is the stuff that stays in the group. If you have any concerns about privacy, reach out to me and we can talk about it. Also, if you’re ever feeling really impacted by something that was said in group, it is 100% ok to share about your feelings and your thoughts about the situation with someone you trust as long as you keep the focus on you and don’t share private information about another member. If there is any concern for you or another member’s safety, I have to share with the proper authorities in order to keep that person safe.

Parent office hours are designed to help parents connect with a community of other adults who are raising amazing teens! They are invited to ask questions that may be more general about parenting teens and they can also ask specific questions about what they are struggling with. It is possible that they mention your name and share some context. Parents are also asked to respect one another’s privacy and keep information confidential.

The 6-month program is an investment of $3900 CAD.  Payment plans can be made to fit various financial needs.

No! That’s what I love about this program. You can live in Calgary, but you can be anywhere and get the benefits of being part of the Happiness Pill.

For the Up-Level sessions for teens- They will be held online via Zoom. There will be no more than 10 people per call. You can expect a check-in at the start where we cover any logistics, see how folks are doing, and get comfortable getting to know each other. You will then have time to share a little bit about your week. We will take a common theme or specific question and do a deeper dive into that where you can learn different ways of managing challenges and the thoughts and feelings that come with them. We’ll wrap up with a quick share and rinse and repeat for the following week. Each week, you can know what to expect in terms of the format, but the content will be unique and related to what comes up and what is relevant to you. 

For the Parent Office Hours- They will be held online via Zoom. They will be recorded for your access later on. You can expect a brief check-in and straight to any questions and struggles you are wanting some support with. You will have the opportunity to hear from me and I will share resources with you as it seems relevant. You will have the option to receive supportive feedback from the other parents as well.

The Ready-up session is a 1:1 session that has two parts. The first part is for your parent(s), you, and me. The goal of that time together is to help bridge communication and understanding with one and another. If you’ve ever played Minecraft or read fantasy stories, it’s kind of like bringing down the drawbridge between the two worlds so that there can be an easier flow of traffic (aka communication, understanding, support, etc.). The second part is for you and me only (no parents). This part allows you to dial into to what really matters to you and for us to create a roadmap of your journey from stress and overwhelm to confidently living your best life. We’ll take a short break between part I and part II and in part II you get to decide if you would like us to use some creativity or even go for a walk and talk while we roadmap together.