Feeling irritated with everything these days? You aren’t too interested in doing much and your friendships are pretty rocky.

If this is your experience and you feel hopeless and empty, it may be a sign of depression.

Depression can affect all areas of your life and can be really isolating, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could experience the lows and instead of them spiraling down, they would flow through and away? You can live the life you want to live with great friendships and worthwhile experiences.

You can start rooting the necessary pieces to live the life you want to live and experience more joy in new things and the things you used to love.

We are here to help you learn the symptoms of Depression, differentiate between typical development vs depression, and learn ways to be supported.

You can start by downloading our FREE Mental Health Handbook for Teens below. It includes 10 different mental health exercises just for you!


Imagine you are a boat at sea (hopefully you don’t have a fear of water!) and your feelings and thoughts are the weather. Some days the weather may be calm with blue skies and other days there may be storms with lightning and thunder. When Depression is around, it may feel like there are more storms than calm days.

​Learning ways to anchor your boat will help you weather the times where the waves have been kicked up by harsh weather. It can be tempting to think

“I just want the storm to Stop!” OR “I just want to get my boat out of here!”.

The reality is you aren’t able to control the weather (your thoughts and feelings) and the amount of energy required to outrun the storm (run away from your thoughts and feelings) is exhausting and usually temporary.

Getting a handle on depression starts with learning more about depression and responding to crisis (and feelings of hopelessness). Then learning how to identify and change unhelpful behaviours, building supportive relationships, and taking actions (even the teeniest ones) towards the life you want to live.

If you’re ready for Depression to loosen its grip on your life, send us a message and we can get started. We are a team of psychologists in Calgary who specializes in working with teen girls (and their parents). We also have a 4-month coaching program that goes beyond Calgary (you can be anywhere in the world).

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You’re worried about the constant sadness and crying spells. You know things just aren’t going well at school and you hear the sidebar comments about being ugly and stupid.

Everyone experiences low moods and difficult feelings at times and it can be hard to know what are typical teen experiences and what might be depression.

If you are noticing persistent changes in your teen’s emotions and behaviours such as:

  • Feeling Sad, Hopeless, Angry, or Irritable
  • Highly Self-Critical Thinking (poor self-esteem)
  • Low energy and Low Motivation
  • Loss of Interest
  • Poor Concentration
  • Symptoms in the body (stomach aches, headaches, gaining or losing significant weight)
  • Withdrawing (from some or most people)
  • Drug or substance use
  • Disruptions in sleep
  • Thoughts of Suicide


You are noticing they are feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage their feelings, it may be more than just low mood.

What if your teen (and you) could learn helpful ways to manage depression, even if you have been to see the doctor and tried many different things, and really start to feel alive again?

By exploring and building up:

  • Social supports
  • Health practices
  • Family connections
  • Coping skills and resources

Your teen can start rooting the necessary pieces to live the life they want to live and experience more joy in new things and things they used to love.

Check out our FREE Anxiety Toolkit for Parents Raising Teen Girls for helpful exercises you can begin implementing today.

If you are needing some extra help for your teen who is struggling, send us a message. We are a team of psychologists working with teen girls (and their parents) to help them build bulletproof mindsets.